Happy Father’s Day To A Dear Uncle!

Posted by 17 February, 2011

A Pillar Of My Life And Of My Joy;
Patient, Though I May Your Cover Rumple;
Pleased To Be Both Playmate And Large Toy.
Yours Is The Quiet Sanity I Count On,
Familiar In The Space Around Your Voice,
A Gentle, Well-Trained Wisdom I Can Mount On
To Ride To The Persuasion Of My Choice.
Here I Am, Then, At Your Doorstep Waiting,
Eager To Be Held By You And Play,
Ravenous With Hunger There’s No Sating,
‘Mid Your Life A Willful Piece Of Clay.
So Will We Join Our Destinies In This
Dependency, Which Someday I Will Miss,
A Long, Consuming Moment Which, When Done,
Yet Will Shape The Journeys Still To Run.

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